Mercy Rain Home

Menifee House

Mercy Rain Living is a recovery housing environment for independent adults participating in drug and alcohol recovery programs. Addiction is an isolating disease!

Connection and community are essential. At Mercy Rain Living our live in staff and create a connected and supportive community. You don’t have to do this alone!


To provide safe drug and alcohol free housing solutions for a diverse population of people.


It starts with a safe environment to live in. We provide sober homes where guests come to rebuild their lives based upon a new foundation of sobriety. A full time, live-in manager helps to provide the structure and accountability necessary for a safe environment optimal for recovery. The value in living with others like us is creating a community to rely on when we can’t necessarily rely on ourselves ‘just yet’. Residents are drug tested on a regular basis to ensure a clean and safe house. One on one interactions between clients and staff ensure that our clients are accountable and have a safe and comfortable environment to rebuild their lives in.


What we have found, in our many years of experience, is what works the best, for the most is a recovery program. Based on that it is necessary for our residents to work a “program of recovery”.

To us that means the twelve step programs of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous. We certainly encourage other recovery programs as well including Smart Recovery or Refuge Recovery. We require residents to attend and work their programs which often include Outpatient Treatment and/or some form of therapy.


For us productive living means life goes on in a self supporting way. Many addicts lives have stopped being productive as a result of their addiction.
Living in one of our houses commits a resident to daily chores, wake up times, curfews, return to work, going to school, volunteering or participating in the community in some way that assists in regaining self worth and independence. It is a place to gain or regain the live skills necessary to be successful at living life.